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Our designers create attractive and functional interfaces that make working with the application comfortable and increase downloads in stores. Based on many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of design, we are exploring the full concept of the application, user interaction, animation and visual design.



Professional website design development is the result of the work of the leading designers of Vasilkoff ltd who have experience and talent in web design, identity, typography and other areas to create effective resources that work for your profit.

With the help of competent design, you can solve business problems placing accents for converting a visitor to a client, evoke positive emotions and a desire to return back to the page again which also affects the conversion and promotion in search engines.

Modern web design involves the use of innovative web technologies and programs. Vasilkoff ltd implements its full potential to achieve the goal of the site. For this purpose, graphic and raster programs are used, creative and non-standard business ideas are embodied, which as a result create an exclusive image of a web project.



This is a page design that provides a correct and convenient representation of the site for a mobile user. The adaptive web site is automatically adjusted to the size of the browser window. The purpose of web design, flexible under electronic gadgets – the versatility of the site. This means that there is no need to customize the site for a separate type of gadget, an adaptive web resource is correctly displayed on any mobile devices, laptops and even on TV. In this case, surfing the resource will be equally convenient on any device and the user does not need to increase the selected blocks in order not to click on the wrong button.

Why do we need a responsive website design?

  1. It is convenient

Adaptive site can be used from any device, which increases the convenience of moving through the pages. There will also be obvious benefits for you such as:

  1. It is profitable

The number of mobile users increases every year, which increases attendance by an adapted resource, increase in conversion and company profits.

  1. Promotion

Non-adaptive resources are much worse ranked in Google search results when searching from a mobile gadget.  In mid-2015  Google introduced a new Mobile-friendly filter responsible for ranking websites when searching from a mobile device. Website adaptation is very important for SEO website promotion. If it is  correctly and mobile-friendly adopted for Google it will surely fall into the TOP and attract the maximum number of customers increasing the company’s revenues. In addition, Google has already begun to give priority to sites with an adaptive version. Therefore, if you do not have one be sure to order it since you risk losing some of the mobile traffic.

  1. It increases audience loyalty

A mobile user, choosing from two sites of the same niche, will give preference to the one that is adapted to his gadget.



The goal of the UI / UX designer is to bring the user to some logical point in the interface. Make it so that the user reaches his goal.

UX is a User Experience (literally: “user experience”). That is, this is what experience / impression the user gets from working with your interface. Is he able to achieve the goal and how simple or difficult to do it?

And the UI is the User Interface (literally “user interface”) – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it acquires. It determines what color your “product” will be, whether it will be convenient for a person to hit the buttons with a finger, whether the text will be readable, and so on …

UX / UI design is the design of any user interfaces in which usability is as important as the appearance.

The direct responsibility of the UX / UI designer is, for example, to “sell” a product or service through the interface. It is based on the work of the UX / UI designer if the user will proceed to buy or not.

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