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Development of mobile applications opens up many opportunities for both beginners and for already existing & successfully functioning projects.

Mobile application is first of all a convenient way of fast interaction with your potential or existing customers and also the way of communication between colleagues if application developed for a company.

Mobile Application will help you to:    

  1. increase profits & sales;
  2. introduce your new product to the market;
  3. formate positive attitude from your users
  4. effectively advertise your product.

Another big plus of the mobile application is ability to reach a wide audience as it supported on more than 9 thousand devices of various models!

Mobile application is a way to achieve your goal with low cost ant less time! 


Developing a mobile application is much more complicated than creating a websites.

Everything counts here: two most common operating systems Android &  iOS, hundreds of devices with different displays, specifications and touch panel, control system etc . All  these imposes requests very high demand on the qualifications and experience of mobile application developers.

The staff of Vasilkoff Ltd can develop a mobile application for your business taking into account all its features. Individual approach to the development of each mobile application allows us to create products that are really effective and interesting to your users.


However, before ordering an application it is worth conducting a small analysis of your business:

  1. Learn what type of phones or other mobile devices your customers use
  2. Determine which platforms Android or IOS you need to pay more attention and what percentage of customers are potential users of the application;
  3. Think about what key performance indicators you plan to improve by launching a mobile application;
  4. Apply them to solve actual customer problems.
  5. Track  the working process of already implemented applications for similar to your business sector in your country and abroad.
  6. Try to take the best from them, but at the same time add your some of your ideas.


IOS development consist from two main stages: Architecture & Design.

In the first case, the formulation and solution of problems can match up with other areas of development (database design, querying and receiving data from remote server). However when we develop design for application we put ourselves in the user’s place as it is very important to ensure that all needs that may arise during the use of the application are met.

Apple product users are a specific target audience, characterised by strict requirements and high solvency. Therefore, providing a convenient and beautiful interface is no less critical task than the reliability of the processed data.

Despite the fact that the base of devices on the iOS platform is much smaller than on the Android operating system there are also many features. It is necessary to consider not only the screen size, but also the  differences of each device. Using the features of the user’s device can greatly increase its loyalty increasing the rate of application in the store.

App Store has strict requirements that must be followed when publishing an application. That is why we not only follow the  style guide when we work on design, but also ensure the confidentiality of the user’s personal data, the stability of the application during operation and most importantly its usefulness to the user.


Development of mobile applications for Android has a number of features.

The variety of devices and operating systems. Due to the different hardware capabilities of devices and operating system versions, when developing applications technical problems and display problems do arise (due to a wide variation in screen sizes, resolutions, point densities). This imposes constraints on development which can increase development time and testing costs.

Application Vulnerability. The probability of catching a virus or being hacked on Android devices is higher than on iOS. Vulnerabilities arise all due to the same variety of devices and operating systems, as well as not enough stringent requirements of the Google Play Market for applications. Therefore, when developing an application, it is necessary to think through protection.

High competition. The combination of a large number of Android devices and the availability of placement on the Play Market leads to an increase in the number of applications. As a result it becomes more difficult to attract the attention of the audience and win the market.

Developing Android applications is a time consuming process.

Company specialists analyse the following:

  1. The market, the proposals of competitors, the target audience of the product/service.
  2. If the goals that  customer wants to achieve are explored.
  3. A list of audience needs is being worked out and its value for existing and potential customers is determined.

They write a technical task,  work on design, develop a prototype and discuss all the details of future project with a customer. Develop an Android application and test it. 

Launch application and publish it on Google Play. After the final point has been set in the developing process it becomes available for download.

Native Approach

Native applications are designed for the parameters and properties of a specific platform (the mobile OS, the associated ecosystem and the technical characteristics of the mobile device itself) and uses all the capabilities of the hardware platform that are needed to work with the application – from the camera and the GPS module to the accelerometer, gesture control and other hardware-supported properties of a specific smartphone or tablet. In addition, a native application developed in a studio can be obtained as a finished product and placed in a mobile app store (such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Native application also uses  notification system of each specific device, supports push notifications and can work in offline mode.

Native applications are those that you encounter from the first day of using the device. These are the default browser, email client, address book, alarm clock, calendar, and other standard programs.

“Native applications” can access all services, phone services: camera, microphone, geolocator, accelerometer, calendar, media files, notifications, and so on – in general, fully settled and feel at home

Cross-platform approach

Cross-platform development is not suitable for serious business projects. This type of development is beneficial when writing a prototype of an application for several platforms in a short time, for a gaming or test application.

This speeds up development without sacrificing quality through the use of special graphical frameworks.

Despite the dominance of iOS and Android we cannot ignore other devices. As a result we write different codes for all platforms. Needless to say  that the time spent on developing the application as well as the cost of work have increased.

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