About us
In particular we love to develop native iOS and Android apps. We know how to build advanced WordPress websites. If you are ready to start an e-commerce project, we have a lot of experience with the past and ongoing projects using Magneto, Shopify and WooCommerce. We know the difference and can advise what can suit you better.
Collaborate. Build. Succeed.
Get to Know Us
We love Open Source, it gives you fast, effective and robust solutions. But sometimes you need absolutely custom development. That’s ok, we will recognise such a situations and advise on most suitable technology stack.

Also, we are passionate about blockchain.

We love what we do and we know how to get things done.
Meet our Team
Would you like to meet us in advance? There are three of us in Cyprus.

The rest of the team are in Ukraine and Russia.
Anastasia Sarlidou
Maxim Vasilkov
Simon Papazov
Awards and Recognitions
BOC Hackathon #fintech 3.0
We are so happy that we won the 2nd place on fintech Hackathon during the period 18 - 20 October in Nicosia Cyprus😁🙈🥈! During these days, our mission was to build an innovative application using APIs by Bank of Cyprus. We are really thankful to the judges for giving us the second place in this competition.
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It ain’t easy explaining working at Vasilkoff. It’s the ambitious, yet humble people. It’s the doer culture. The heart. The attention to detail and data. It’s a ride you might want to learn more about.