Mobile and Web apps development in Cyprus | About Vasilkoff CY Ltd

Currently, the company provides a wide variety of IT services for the Cypriot and global market.

In particular we love to develop native iOS and Android apps.
We know how to build advanced WordPress websites.
If you are ready to start e-commerce project, we have a lot of experience with the past and on going projects using Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. We know the difference and can advice what can suit you better.

We love Open Source, it gives you fast, effective and robust solutions. But sometimes you need absolutely custom development. That’s ok, we will recognize such a situations and advise on most suitable technology stack.

Also, we are passionate about blockchain.

We love what we do and we know how to get things done.

If you somewhere around please feel free to come to Hugge Space co-working place, where we have a little separate room and with a cup of good coffee we think together what can be the best way to perform your task.

Maxim Vasilkov

Entrepreneur, Founder, Programming Book authour

Anastasia Sarlidou

Mobile applications designer and geek programmer

Simon Papazov

A software developer expert. Open Source believer

The rest of the team are in Ukraine and Russia.

Please check our projects page. There you will find the proof of all what have been said abowe. Most of the project we keep Open Source. Some build over other Open Source projects and other are custom solution built over most moder tech stacks. Get things to work is what we are passinate about.

Check our portfolio. We are good friends with all of our customers (if we can not be friends, you can not be our customer) So, we can talk about these projects a lot!

Maybe you would like to check our documents and interested to know our prices.

The comany has registrations in Cyprus, UK and USA (Delaware) Vasilkoff CY Ltd is a company registered in Cyprus (Reg. Number ΗΕ 344792. Registration Date 30/06/2015).