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I’m native russian speaker but i prefer to use Adobe Photoshop in English. Sometimes you get computer with preinstalled Photoshop or whatever a situation you want to change the language to English but there is not such an option.

Official way gives extra headache.. here is an easier way, so, shorter:

  1. Close Photoshop.
  2. Go inside its installation folder, search for ‘Locales’ folder there.
  3. From this place put inside search bar “.dat”. We are looking for a file named like ‘tw10428.dat’ (it was so in my case)
  4. Rename this file, move or even delete it. Try your Photoshop. If you did everything right it should be in Eglish

This method works both on MAC and on Windows with Photoshop CS 5 and 6, tell me if it works for other versions 🙂

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