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The idea of the app was created by my wife. She likes to make pictures. And she is addicted Instagram user.  Many times she asked me to make a photo of her using her iPhone and sometimes, as she says, I do a good job 🙂 But not always… She complains: “Why di not you tell me to put my hands like this?!…”

Finally, she made me to solve these problems for her and this app appeared. Try it yourself. And maybe you find a better idea how to use it. What you have is a semi-transparent image on top of the iPhone’s Camera. And that image you can select from your device: so, this way you can make a kind of time-lapse effect: repeat exactly the same pose of your “before” for your “after”
Another very powerful feature is that you can copy the pose you liked from a photo from Instagram. You can save many ideas from Instagram for the future to use them later in places where you do not have an Internet connection.
And also, the app has inside an integrated catalog of poses ideas which we will improve and expand for you later!

If you find any problems you got a good idea let me know by contacting me in my Facebook or by email [email protected]

On the picture is my family 🙂 Yes! We have triplets, we are very lucky and happy!

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