Why do we use Firebase | Vasilkoff CY LTD

Why do we use Firebase | Vasilkoff CY LTD

Why do we use Firebase


Our programmers indeed can solve almost any technical problems related with mobile applications. By its nature programmers love to build everything from scratch. But to do so can cost too much time and money.
We are a bit different and believe that it is important to get the result as quickly and efficiently as possible. If ready-made components are publicly available, paid and/or for free, we always suggest using them.
This allows us to focus on the development of unique features of your product. And, what is still important, allows us to be better than our competitors in price. For example, if you are making some kind of mobile application, it will often be sufficient to use Firebase. Because it has everything you need: analytics, hosting, push notifications, database, Cloud function, tools for promotion, crush-reporting, tools for A / B testing, experiments and much more. Cloud functions are often enough to implement simple backend logic. You do not need to create or maintain this infrastructure yourself, all you need to do is correctly combine the components.

Firebase is excellent for most projects. And especially it’s good for a startup, you will never have to pay Firebase a penny until you start to make money and as soon you don’t make a lot of traffic.

In our portfolio there are several projects which works with Firebase. Among them SpinDeals App, Votemee app, Lime app, Video hub web app, Wish Manifestation and Scootes.

In the same time we don’t idealize Firebase and we know about its drawbacks. In some cases your project can works much more efficiently with a relative database or would need some other technologies. We welcomes you to the conversation, consultations are free with us 🙂