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Blockchain development and cryptocurrency exchange


Advantages of blocking technology:

  1. Reduction of transaction costs
  2. Elimination of intermediaries
  3. Maintaining confidentiality of information

Blockchain is a modern technology of storing information in blocks in a distributed database. Blocks are stored on thousands of devices independent of each other, therefore it is impossible to forge or destroy the information stored on them.

For more than 2 years Vasilkoff Ltd. has been developing Blockchain applications for business. We offer to order development of blockchain projects from scratch in Russia. Today, the blockchain is used to solve actual problems in different areas of business.

If you are interested in creating your own blockchain project to order, then the managers of Vasilkoff Ltd. will answer all your questions and help you calculate the estimated cost of the system.

Development of projects on the blockchain requires from developers not only knowledge of programming languages, but also a deep understanding of the principles of decentralised applications, as well as cryptography.




Everyone sets his own goal of creating  cryptocurrency but the most commons are :

  1. Personal server that can and is willing to monetise;
  2. Desire to get real earnings;
  3. Interest in the process, which you want to see yourself.    

Issuing your own cryptocurrency can be a contribution to the development of information technology by increasing your capital.

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