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Website development of  has behind an instructive story. This is a website of a car rental local business. Now they have a modern online service.

There are many cases when you should ignore sweet words that you have to choose some cool and fashionable technology. And CyBay is a good example of the advantages of website development on top of WordPress. The previous developer promised to develop a custom web application with Node.js. But the budget was spent and the application still was not good enough. Additionally to the money spent count the time wasted.

We came with the simple solution based on the WordPress. We set up firstly a simple business card page. And website started to help the business from the very first day. Step by step we extended the website with more and more features.  We developed a plugin which started to handle the car fleet information. Later a plugin of a calendar of bookings. The client wanted to have a custom one which perfectly fits his business properties. The website design was customized according to the taste of the customer. Must note that on every step of the website development you can feel boosted because of many features you have out of the box when choosing WordPress.

What the website development with WordPress gives you?

  • easy to use admin panel
  • a big choice of ready-made plugins
  • huge community support
  • big market of solutions and professionals
  • integration possibilities

We continue cooperation with CBay and have a strong friendship with the owner.

Our team is not limited to only WordPress. We use other technologies. The main reason for us is always business needs. The tool should be always appropriate for a task. As an example, here soon we are going to advertise project. And at the current moment, it is still under development. We did it with Laravel. Also, it is an example of one of our policy – our customers are always our partners!

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  • 12 March 2018
  • A&K CyBay Enterprises Ltd
  • Local Car Rental Company