SpinDeals mobile apps development

Mobile apps development can be a pleasure. This is proved by our beloved customers. For Fytos we developed both iOS and Android versions and also an admin panel and had a great satisfaction from the collaboration.

This application allows you to win coupons for many different places along Cyprus. Users can find promotions, coupons, media events, competitions, and campaigns. It is fully operational at the current moment. The business of the application is successful and the customer has plans to expand it to other countries. By the way, maybe your business can have cooperation with SpinDeals? Check out their business offer http://www.spindealsapp.com/for-business/

The iOS app as the Android app – both are native applications. The admin panel is done with Vue JS. Data storage is with Firebase. As you can see a big variate of technologies. We don’t stick to only a few with which we have a special feeling. For us is the only important thing is a success of our customers. The same as it happened on the project of CBay and WalkingCure


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