WalkingCure – Specialized Social Network web application

.Profiles, Followings, Likes, Commenting, Private messaging, Newsfeed, Groups and so on – these are features we used to see in modern social network applications. Such a pretty complex web application we have developed fast and in respecting the customer budget. It has all the features of a modern social network and also a calendar of exercises and achievements of users and many other cool features which are the innovative idea of Dr. Kim. It designed to helps people to develop healthy life habits by uniting them into groups where they can compete with others as well as with yesterday version of themselves.

Users are invited to participate in a program called  “9 Week Transformation Challenges”:

In this life-changing Daily Walking Cure Program, Dr. Kim guides you through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways of walking. You will do over 16 different types of walking techniques to double your energy. And natural overcome 9 different diseases: Obesity, Back Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Insomnia, Emotional Trauma, Chronic Stress, and Spiritual Misalignment.

It deserves to say a few words about why we have stopped our choice on WordPress and BuddyPress for this project. Knowing these reasons maybe can help you if you have in your mind a similar project or a project which has features of a social network.

The reasons why to choose BuddyPress for social network development

  • time and budget of creating a fully featured social network. To create it from scratch you would need around a year of development with according budget.
  • administration panel of WordPress is maybe the main feature which makes this CMS so popular. In our project users supposed to have an everyday data processing. Everyday work of website administration should be easy and comfortable for a staff.
  • further extension and development of the website can be possible without the help of programmers.
  • and finally, have to throw away the false idea about that can not withstand the heavy load. This problem is simply not relevant to the client at the current time and situation

The last point is a very common problem. Many programmers can have this disease. A business very often needs a simple and fast solution.  Such a sad situation, when a customer loses a lot of time and money happened to one of our current customers and partners. You can learn more about another successful solution on top of WordPress on a page of CBay project

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