The website is dedicated to podiatrist Dr. Kim and his walking cure program, which offers a natural solution for leg pain. It also showcases his books on healthy living and the K Wellness Center, which offers natural treatments for chronic conditions.


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When we were approached by Dr. Don Kim to create a website that would promote his walking cure program and holistic approach to health and wellness, we knew that WordPress was the perfect platform for the job. Our team set out to design and develop a website that would reflect Dr. Kim's expertise and provide visitors with valuable information about his program and philosophy.

The first step in creating the website was to select a theme that would reflect Dr. Kim's brand and message. We chose a theme that was clean, professional, and easy to navigate. We customized the theme by adding Dr. Kim's logo and brand colors, as well as creating custom sections that highlighted his books and the K Wellness Center.

The website features a custom blog section where Dr. Kim can share his latest insights on health and wellness with his followers. We also incorporated a contact form that allows visitors to get in touch with Dr. Kim directly. The form collects important information such as the visitor's name, email address, and message, which is then forwarded to Dr. Kim's email address.

One of the key features of the website is the walking cure program section, which provides visitors with information about the benefits of walking and how it can help alleviate leg pain. We developed custom pages that showcase the walking cure program and explain the various stages involved. We also included a section on Dr. Kim's books, which provide valuable insights into his philosophy on health and wellness.

To make the website user-friendly, we ensured that it was optimized for search engines and implemented a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and devices. We also made sure that the website was easy to navigate, with clear calls to action that encourage visitors to learn more about Dr. Kim's program.

Overall, creating a WordPress website for Dr. Don Kim's walking cure program was an exciting project for our team. We're proud to have delivered a website that showcases Dr. Kim's expertise and helps him connect with his target audience in a meaningful way.