Swellsy Photo

April 22, 2016
iOS development
The idea of the app was created by my wife. She likes to make pictures. And she is addicted Instagram user.  Many times she asked me to make a photo of her using her iPhone and sometimes, as she says, I do a good job :) But not always... She complains: "Why did not you [...]

Objective-C Memory Management Essentials by Maxim Vasilkov

March 26, 2015
My Blog
Objective C Memory Management Objective-C Memory Management Essentials Learn and put into practice various memory management techniques in Objective-C to create robust iOS applications Buy on Amazon Buy on Packt Read sample chapter Authors: Gibson Tang, Maxim Vasilkov (it is me) March 2015 Objective-C is the primary programming language used for writing OS X and [...]

Cyprus: Web site development

February 10, 2015
Web development
Search engine friendly and good looking on mobile devices website Stable, secure and easy to use CMS Logo and company style design SEO and online advertisement Multi language content on the web site VPS based expandable solution for further business integration and growing (unique) Provide ongoing maintenance and technical support Life time consultancy support Delivering [...]

Programming methodologies

December 3, 2014
My Blog, Programmer's notes
Learn to utilise resources right
Learn to utilise resources rightXP: With regard to extreme programming, the proverb says - "safe thing will not be called extreme." Short cycles "Delivery" - is extreme, yes, but how justified? It's one thing if the release takes place every two weeks or once a month, but then there are also extreme. For example, I [...]

The Bitcoin scripting language

October 20, 2014
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Continue the previous post thought, I found bitcoin is ready for the escrow-like payments. Read: You might expect that a Bitcoin transaction is signed simply by including the signature in the transaction, but the process is much more complicated. In fact, there is a small program inside each transaction that gets executed to decide if [...]

Block chain bloat – micro-transactions problem

October 20, 2014
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The problem is good described in the following quote: Another problem is that with so many small transactions, the bitcoin block chain could, at some point, become unmanageable in size. Ortutay, the CoinWall proprietor, said: “You don’t want to send a lot of tiny transactions over the network that will bloat the block chain – [...]

Where is Apache PHP error logs?

September 11, 2014
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Sometimes something goes wrong on the server and you want quickly take a look PHP logs, the command to remember in this case is: tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

Read fast!

September 9, 2014
My Blog
How to read fast? Nowadays there are plenty of good books about speed reading. And one of them you can  download here (The Speed Reading Monster Course By Rie Busten ) Shortly remember the following list of simple things: Never come back to read a page, line, word, even if it seems to you that [...]

Pair programming

September 5, 2014
My Blog
I remember my very first time pair programming. I disliked it very much... But mow I changed and I'm very happy when I have a possibility to do a pair programming :) If you still don't like it there can be 2 reasons: 1) you do something wrong; 2) you have a wrong partner (does [...]

How to create IFrame application in Vk?

July 22, 2014
My Blog
VK applications development is not very different with creating application for Facebook or to Web application development in general. This is post for the complete newbies and  an answer to one of my young friends in India. If you count yourself a web developer - skip all the following! To create IFrame application in VK, [...]

It is not easy to be an expert :)

July 17, 2014
My Blog
To understand why so, watch this video: It is not rare when customer does not understand what he is asking about. Indeed I remember many stories like this in my life. And this funny comedy helped me to understand my business better. For good business I need better to be a good psychologist and negotiator [...]

Git tag-ing (and about GitHub on Mac)

June 18, 2014
My Blog
Most of the time I'm looking for this little command line, format of which I forget all the time..:) git tag -a v0.1 -m "Creating my first beta version." git push --tags Furthermore, most probably you don't want to read... And don't need :) Anyway GitHub app for Mac doesn't manage yet the tags namespace [...]

Business and creativity – have to separate!

June 18, 2014
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I never knew how stupid bosses could be until I started to work for myself.
Note! To solve other people's problems and implement the ideas of others - it is your business, but to create your own projects and realize your ideas - this will be your creativity. And mistake of many people to try to build a business of their own idea which cover their own needs and solve their own problems, [...]

How to work with people to build a great business

June 16, 2014
My Blog
Work togather
1. Work with people for a long term Taking any action, always think about what effect it will have on your long-term relationships with people. Anyway sooner or later they will know your true motives. What happens if a person learns the true motives of your actions? It will continue to work with you or not? [...]

The thing which IT startuppers have to learn

June 16, 2014
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Learn to utilise resources right
The idea, I will talk about,  is not mine. I get it from Vladimir Zhukov Learn to utilise resources right The matter is not that this person is very authoritative, just the idea is very correct. And finally the idea itself: "When you start to work, you tries to suggest to your clients everything you [...]

The Ten Rules of a Zen Programmer

January 14, 2014
My Blog
There are things which was not told us in a school, the things about life. How to live this life properly. The text below I copied to my blog but better I learn it by heart.. So, read it. By Christian Grobmeier On a rainy morning I found myself sitting at my desk thinking about [...]

“The Art of Public Speaking” by Dale Carnegie

November 24, 2013
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Good communication can make everything easier. This book by Dale Carnegie is as true and helpful today as when it was written almost a century ago. Listen, practice, and succeed! It's a "must listen" for anyone who feels they have something valuable to say, but is not quite sure how to go about saying it. [...]

Dale Carnegie fun club

November 24, 2013
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In this post - How to become a Friendlier Person. Like the page - keep in touch and you will be able to download all the books of Dale Carnegie! // Post by Dale Carnegie fun club.

How to add an app to your Facebook fan page

November 19, 2013
Facebook Apps development
Open this url in your browser replacing YOURAPPID and YOURDOMAIN with your values respectively. I put it here as a reminder for myself. From time to time need this url template Also the facebook documentation about the subject can be found here:

Don’t worry to be effective and happy :)

October 10, 2013
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how not to worry diagramm
Did not you ever hear: "Don't worry, be happy!"? Stress and extra emotions makes your body to waste energy and blocking your brain for effective work. But how not to worry if situation is stressful? How to Stop Worrying and Start Living - must read! :) Download the book PDF Click [Continue Reading...] for one [...]