Maxim Vasilkov: The Driving Force Behind Vasilkoff Ltd

  • Date: May 30, 2023
  • Contacts: 1 min

Explore Maxim Vasilkov's journey from seasoned programmer to founder of Vasilkoff Ltd, highlighting his technical prowess, leadership skills, and innovative projects.

CBDO, System Architect

IT expert with 15+ years, leading and coding in tech with a flair for open-source. Skilled in blockchain, Solidity contracts, plus mobile and web app development.

In Darwin since 2024, I'm now immersed in AI, celebrated for "AI Chat Bridge," which placed 2nd at Hackadtech23. Eager to push AI boundaries and welcome collaborative ventures.

Despite his managerial role, Vasilkov's commitment to technical excellence remains unwavering. He diligently hones his programming skills through regular practice, ensuring that his knowledge remains at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving IT industry. His influence extends beyond his day-to-day work, as evidenced by his co-authorship of a notable programming book. This accomplishment not only underscores his deep understanding of programming principles but also his dedication to sharing knowledge with the broader tech community.

One of Vasilkov's distinctive passions is his advocacy for open-source technology. His fervent belief in the power of open-source solutions to drive innovation and collaboration has led him to actively contribute to various open-source projects, further solidifying his status as a respected figure in the IT realm.

Delving into specialized domains, Vasilkov has established himself as an authority in blockchain technology. His expertise shines particularly in the realm of developing EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts using Solidity, a programming language tailored for creating secure and efficient blockchain applications. Projects like NFTTRX, SMRT16, SMRTSGN, and smrtAI are testament to his proficiency and innovation.

Beyond his technical achievements, Vasilkov's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to found several startup projects. His regtech startup,, showcases his ability to identify gaps in the market and develop solutions that leverage technology to streamline regulatory processes. The startup's innovative approach has garnered attention and respect within both the tech and business communities.

Engaging with Maxim Vasilkov is made easy through his various social media channels, where he warmly welcomes connections and interactions. Whether you're intrigued by his programming prowess, his blockchain acumen, or his entrepreneurial journey, reaching out to Maxim promises to be a rewarding experience.