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Irina Vasilkova - The Architect Behind Vasilkoff's Design

Irina Vasilkova - The Architect Behind Vasilkoff's Design

Date: 2024-03-20T00:00:00Z | Time to read: 1 min

A company's website is often a client's first impression of their brand, and no one understands this better than Irina Vasilkova, the Design Director at Vasilkoff CY Ltd design department. With her keen eye for design, attention to detail, and dedication to user-friendly experiences, she played a pivotal role in the creation of the aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website.

Before joining Vasilkoff, Irina worked in the field of large format advertising printing. She further honed her skills while studying at the National Academy of Managerial Personnel of Culture and Arts in Kyiv, where she earned a bachelor's degree in design. This combination of practical experience and formal education has served her well in her career.

Irina's portfolio at Vasilkoff is as diverse as it is impressive. One of her notable projects includes the Easy VPN Free, a user-friendly Android app that provides secure and private internet connections. She also designed the sophisticated WordPress website and booking system for Cbay Rent a Car, a premier rental company based in Cyprus.

Irina also played a major role in the Heptapolis project, a comprehensive all-in-one solution for a crypto ICO project that included smart contract development, DApp creation, landing page design, and more.

Her creative touch is evident in projects like Kimfoot, a WordPress website that promotes holistic treatments for foot and ankle problems, and Camera Filters, a native iOS app offering a variety of filters to enhance user photos.

Another notable project is the Coinage Wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange platform that showcases Vasilkoff's framework and capabilities.

Whether it's an app like Camera Mirrors, which lets users create stunning mirrored effects with their photos, or the website for Inter-Euro Investments, a trusted corporate services provider, Irina's designs are consistently intuitive, user-friendly, and visually striking.

Irina Vasilkova's innovative design work has played an instrumental role in Vasilkoff CY Ltd's success. Her designs not only provide a visually pleasing experience for users, but also contribute to the overall functionality and success of the projects she works on. Her work at Vasilkoff serves as a testament to her talent and dedication as a designer.