Send Crypto

SendCrypto allows users to easily make P2P and P2B payments to anywhere in the world. The app facilitates global cross-border crypto payments through a mobile application.


  • Web3

  • Solidity

  • Smart contract

SendCrypto is an innovative application aimed at simplifying peer-to-peer (P2P) and peer-to-business (P2B) crypto payments globally. With the proliferation of digital currencies, our team recognized the need for a streamlined, accessible and secure platform to facilitate international crypto transactions. Thus, SendCrypto was born.

The primary challenge in this project was to ensure security, scalability, and seamless transactions. We employed the MATIC blockchain, known for its superior scalability and energy-efficient design, to house our smart contracts. This decision was driven by our commitment to adopting advanced and environment-friendly blockchain technologies.

The smart contracts that we developed for SendCrypto are comprehensive and robust, encompassing the primary token as well as numerous staking sub-contracts. These contracts, being public on the MATIC blockchain, guarantee transparency and build user trust, setting the groundwork for a thriving and inclusive digital financial ecosystem.

Our efforts have paid off, as evidenced by the excellent category score of 79.38 and placement in the top 20th percentile. This accomplishment, while rewarding, is also a testament to the expertise and dedication we bring to every project.

Despite achieving a high score, we remain committed to continuous improvement. This commitment was tested in the most recent audit, delivered on October 24th, 2022. We conducted a comprehensive review of our smart contracts, identified areas for improvement, and have since implemented corrective measures. This constant process of audit and improvement is key to maintaining the highest level of security and functionality for our users.

SendCrypto serves as a testament to Vasilkoff Ltd.'s prowess in blockchain development and our capability to provide reliable smart contract solutions. We look forward to enabling more businesses and individuals to harness the power of blockchain technology, driving forward the digital economy.