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Send Crypto

SendCrypto allows users to easily make P2P and P2B payments to anywhere in the world. The app facilitates global cross-border crypto payments through a mobile application.


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Send Crypto

SendCrypto stands as a hallmark of Vasilkoff Ltd's foray into the Web3 domain, offering users a seamless avenue for peer-to-peer (P2P) and peer-to-business (P2B) payments on a global scale. By addressing the burgeoning need for a streamlined crypto payment system, Vasilkoff has developed a mobile application that's not only user-friendly but also underpinned by robust security and scalability.

The Backbone of SendCrypto: Smart Contract Engineering

In constructing SendCrypto, the Vasilkoff team chose the MATIC blockchain, recognizing its superior scalability and low-energy consumption as pivotal for a payment platform. The solidity of smart contracts lies at the core of SendCrypto, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. These contracts are public on the MATIC blockchain, fostering a transparent digital financial ecosystem.

Achievements and Continuous Improvements

SendCrypto's smart contracts have been meticulously crafted, earning a high score in security and performance metrics, demonstrating Vasilkoff Ltd's dedication to quality and user trust.

The Road to Perfection: Audits and Enhancements

Following a rigorous audit on October 24th, 2022, our team refined our smart contracts based on the insights gained, showcasing our commitment to perpetual enhancement and excellence.

Vasilkoff Ltd: A Beacon of Blockchain Expertise

SendCrypto's success is a reflection of our deep-seated expertise in blockchain technology and our unwavering commitment to delivering secure and innovative solutions. As Vasilkoff Ltd continues to explore the vast potential of blockchain and smart contracts, SendCrypto is just one of many ventures that embody our vision for a more connected and efficient digital financial landscape.

Discover the power and precision of Vasilkoff Ltd's blockchain solutions by visiting SendCrypto and witness firsthand how we're paving the way for secure, scalable, and environmentally conscious digital transactions.