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BGSF: web development and workforce management. We enhance BGSF's online presence with cutting-edge web development. Elevate your brand, engage audiences effectively.


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BG Staffing, a premier web platform created by Vasilkoff Ltd, embodies our excellence in the fintech and web app development sector. Through our collaboration with BG Staffing, we've built a robust online presence that leverages a suite of modern technologies to meet the complex demands of the staffing industry.

BG Staffing: A Technological Confluence for Workforce Solutions

At the heart of BG Staffing's web presence is a carefully selected stack of technologies orchestrated to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. This project is a vivid demonstration of Vasilkoff Ltd's ability to integrate various technologies into a cohesive and functional system.

Advanced Tech Stack Behind BG Staffing:

  • Backend Excellence with Laravel & Node.js: Employing the robust PHP framework Laravel, combined with the event-driven architecture of Node.js, we crafted a solid backend that ensures reliability and scalability.
  • Frontend Innovation using React & Next.js: The interactive user interface is powered by React, known for its responsive design, while Next.js provides a server-side rendering advantage for faster load times and improved SEO.
  • Efficient Data Handling with MongoDB & MySQL: The integration of both MongoDB and MySQL databases offers a versatile approach to data management, catering to the diverse data needs of BG Staffing.
  • Interactivity Boosted by jQuery & Bootstrap: jQuery scripts enhance website interactivity, and Bootstrap's framework ensures a mobile-responsive layout.
  • WordPress for Content Management: The use of WordPress enables easy content updates and management, offering a dynamic way to keep the platform's content fresh and engaging.
  • Development and Version Control with Git & GitHub: Our development process is streamlined with Git for version control, while GitHub serves as the collaborative platform for our development team.
  • Deployment and Hosting via Heroku: Heroku's cloud platform provides a flexible and efficient environment for hosting the BG Staffing website, ensuring high availability and performance.

Seamless Integration and Visual Design:

With meticulous attention to detail, we have ensured that each technology serves its purpose to perfection. Figma played a crucial role in the visual design phase, allowing for a seamless transition from design to development. And with CSS3 and HTML5 at the core of our styling and markup, the visual fidelity of the design is second to none, providing a contemporary look and feel that resonates with users.

BG Staffing's website stands as a testament to Vasilkoff Ltd's capability to handle large-scale, technology-driven projects with finesse. The platform not only enhances BG Staffing's digital footprint but also showcases our expertise in creating high-performance web applications tailored for the fintech industry.