PollCart is a social commerce app for Shopify that lets undecided shoppers ask friends and family for approval of a purchase. This innovative approach increases the likelihood of completing a sale and provides retailers with valuable customer insights. With PollCart, shopping becomes a social experience that empowers consumers to make informed purchases based on trusted opinions.


  • Shopify

  • eCommerce

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PollCart is a revolutionary platform that is transforming the e-commerce industry. It offers an innovative way for online retailers to leverage the power of social media to increase sales and customer satisfaction. With PollCart, retailers can get real-time feedback on their products and services, and use this information to improve their offerings and boost customer engagement.

One of the unique features of PollCart is its ability to turn shopping into a social experience. By allowing users to seek approval from their friends and family before making a purchase, PollCart creates a sense of community around the shopping experience. This not only increases the likelihood of a sale but also enhances customer loyalty.

PollCart is also designed to provide retailers with valuable insights into consumer behavior. By analyzing the anonymous poll results and comments, retailers can gain a deeper understanding of what motivates their customers and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. This helps retailers to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market trends.

Overall, PollCart is a game-changer for e-commerce. By combining social media, market research, and customer engagement, it offers a unique and powerful tool for online retailers to grow their business and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.