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Calculator Lock - Android App

Calculator Lock is an Android app that enables users to hide photos, videos, apps and files using a disguised calculator icon for added privacy.


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Calculator Lock - Android App

Vasilkoff Ltd introduces the Calculator Lock app, a privacy-centric solution available for Android devices. This application is designed to enhance user privacy by allowing the concealment of photos, videos, apps, and files behind a cleverly disguised calculator icon. It represents Vasilkoff Ltd's commitment to providing innovative mobile app solutions that address real-world needs.

Calculator Lock: Privacy Through Innovation

Calculator Lock offers a suite of features aimed at safeguarding personal information:

  • Disguised Calculator Icon: The app masquerades as a calculator, providing an innovative layer of privacy.
  • Private Browser: Includes an inbuilt browser for secure, private web surfing and direct photo saving to the vault.
  • Shake Close Feature: Allows users to quickly close the app by simply shaking their device.
  • Intruder Selfie: Captures a photo of anyone attempting unauthorized access to the app.
  • Fake Vault Creation: Users can set up a decoy vault with a separate password to enhance security further.
  • Fingerprint Unlock: Offers a quick and secure access method to the vault, leveraging biometric security.
  • Custom Themes: The app features a selection of colorful themes and icons for personalization.
  • Efficient Management: Provides tools for sorting, renaming, and deleting encrypted files within the secret gallery vault.
  • Break-in Alert: Notifies users of any break-in attempts by snapping a photo of the intruder.

Developed for Android Users

Available on the Google Play Store, Calculator Lock exemplifies Vasilkoff Ltd's expertise in Android app development, demonstrating our ability to blend functionality with user-friendly design.

Vasilkoff Ltd: At the Forefront of Mobile Privacy Solutions

The development of the Calculator Lock app underscores our dedication to creating mobile applications that not only meet user expectations but also provide essential privacy protections. This project is a testament to our innovative approach to mobile app development, focusing on creating practical, secure solutions for the digital age.

Discover more about Calculator Lock and how it can enhance your privacy by visiting the app's Google Play Store page. This initiative is one of the many ways Vasilkoff Ltd continues to push the boundaries of mobile app development, ensuring users can navigate the digital world with confidence and security.