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KOKOMIX delivers top-quality ready-mix concrete and uses cutting-edge technology and strategic expansion to meet the increasing demands of its customers.


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Vasilkoff Ltd had the opportunity to collaborate with KOKOMIX, a distinguished provider of top-quality ready-mix concrete based in the Athienou area, operational since 1996. Recognized for their commitment to excellence and strategic growth, KOKOMIX sought our expertise to further enhance their operational efficiency through technology.


KOKOMIX has established itself as a leader in the ready-mix concrete industry through dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With the expansion of their fleet and facilities, including a state-of-the-art factory in Tseri opened in 2008, KOKOMIX has significantly broadened its service capabilities.

Project Overview: Custom Platform Development

To address the communication challenges between office personnel and concrete drivers, KOKOMIX envisioned a custom platform that would streamline their internal operations. Vasilkoff Ltd was tasked with developing this solution, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of information exchange within the company.

The Solution

Our team developed a comprehensive platform that integrates a mobile application for Android, an admin panel for management, and a chat system for real-time communication. Utilizing Firebase for backend services, the platform ensures secure and instantaneous data transfer, enabling seamless coordination between the office staff and field personnel.

Features and Benefits

  • Mobile App for Android: Facilitates on-the-go access for concrete drivers, providing them with immediate updates and job details.
  • Admin Panel: Offers management a centralized dashboard to monitor operations, assign tasks, and make informed decisions.
  • Chat System: Enables direct and efficient communication between various team members, addressing queries and coordinating deliveries with greater ease.

Impact on KOKOMIX Operations

The custom platform developed by Vasilkoff Ltd has transformed KOKOMIX's operational workflow, fostering improved communication and operational efficiency. This technological advancement has empowered KOKOMIX to uphold their commitment to delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Collaboration for Success

This project exemplifies Vasilkoff Ltd's ability to understand and address the specific needs of our clients through tailored technological solutions. Our collaboration with KOKOMIX underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to support business growth and operational excellence.

For businesses seeking to enhance their operations through custom software solutions, Vasilkoff Ltd offers the expertise and dedication necessary to turn your vision into reality. To learn more about our services or discuss your project, please contact us through our contact page. Let’s work together to create innovative solutions that drive your business forward.