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The Wish Manifestation App™ is a mobile app that helps users manifest their desires and goals by utilizing the power of their wishes and energies.


Mobile App

Project site: iOS and Android apps


Developing the Wish Manifestation App was a unique and exciting project for Vasilkoff. The app combines metaphysical practices with modern technology to help users manifest their wishes and desires. To create the app, our team utilized the latest development tools and techniques for both iOS and Android platforms.

One of the key features of the app is the Yamatech® tool, which was inspired by ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Our team worked closely with the client to design and develop the Yamatech® tool using modern technology. This tool is the heart of the Wish Manifestation App and helps users harness the power of their wishes, desires, goals, and dreams to manifest their desired experiences.

The app also utilizes advanced laws of attraction that are not commonly known, but are essential for successful manifestation. To ensure the app was effective, we thoroughly researched and tested these laws of attraction during the development process.

Overall, our team at Vasilkoff was thrilled to work on this unique and inspiring project. We combined our technical expertise with the client's knowledge of metaphysical practices to create an app that empowers users to manifest their dreams and desires.